Bowling Green Fifth Graders Raise Money For Local Families

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Students at Bowling Green Elementary School conducted several fundraisers as part of “Hope for the Holidays,” a project to assist families in the school community. 

The students in Jennifer Abshire and Laura McNiece’s fifth grade class spearheaded this year’s project, which carried the theme “One Kind Heart Warms Many.” Among the variety of fundraisers was “Cozy Day,” which allowed staff members and students to wear their pajamas to school on Nov. 27 for a $1 donation. Teachers also donated $1 each to participate in “Jeans for Joy,” allowing them to wear jeans on Fridays for the months of November and December. 

In order to partner an academic lesson with their fundraising efforts, the fifth graders were responsible for managing the $1,615 they raised. They were required to keep a checkbook, manage withdrawals and deposits, and budget how much could be spent for each family. After drawing up a financial plan, the students bought items for the deserving families. Each item was wrapped and presented with a handwritten card from the students.