Learning with Movement and Meditation

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Kindergarten students in Kristi McGoldrick’s class from Bowling Green Elementary School are being taught through movement.
Higher Minds Concepts Through Movement focuses on utilizing physical movement to teach foundational concepts like counting, colors and the alphabet. Instructor Jaclyn Bonlarron led the students in various exercises, incorporating topical curriculum-based lessons. In addition, each session ended with a meditation and an affirmation.
Beth Young created the program for the East Meadow School District and since her death in 2012, Beth’s daughter Kaley has taken over the program. “When I was homeschooled, my mom would bring me to the schools as her assistant. I loved it so much that I began going with her whenever I had a day off from middle and high school,” said Kaley.
Higher Minds Concepts Through Movement is conducted in each of the East Meadow elementary schools. Kindergarten classes will have five sessions throughout the year.