Fostering Worldwide Connections Through Art

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East Meadow High School students in grades 10-12 made connections with children across the globe by drawing their portraits as part of the Memory Project. The Memory Project is a youth arts organization that asks high school art students throughout the United States to create portraits for children living in refugee camps, orphanages and similar situations around the world. 

Art educator Emily Giglio provided each of her students with a reference photo of the child they would be drawing, along with the child’s name, age and favorite color. The students could choose any artistic medium for their drawing, from graphite to chalk pastel. The photo was attached to the back of the portrait, along with a photo of the student-artist and a tracing of the artist’s hand.

The students worked hard to create the most accurate portraits possible for the children receiving them. “In my observation, it was incredibly rewarding for my class,” said Giglio. “They really felt a lot of pride in their completed portraits.”