Delivering Positivity in East Meadow

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Teachers and staff from Meadowbrook Elementary School brought positivity to students through their “From Hearts to Homes” initiative on May 1.

With schools officially closed for the remainder of the year, Principal Kelly DiScalfani and Assistant Principal Meredith Broxmeyer wanted to connect their staff with students in a safe but meaningful way. Together, they wrote a special poem and created a collage of staff members for the students. Meadowbrook staff signed up on a voluntary basis to pair up with a coworker to deliver the materials to the students’ homes.

Everyone in the school took a part in the planning and preparation for this event. The school’s custodial staff assisted with the preparation by setting up the parking lot for material distribution. The school’s secretary mapped the delivery routes and paired the teachers. Meadowbrook teachers, teaching aides, clerical staff, monitors and administrators then met in the school parking lot to collect the “From Hearts to Homes” materials, and were given gloves and a masks. These volunteers then delivered the meaningful gifts around the Meadowbrook community. Students and families were thrilled and surprised when a knock came to their door and they were greeted by familiar faces.

“‘From Hearts to Homes’ was an amazing team effort by the entire Meadowbrook staff,” said Broxmeyer. “We miss our students so much, and it was our way of showing support for them during this very difficult time.”