Super Bowl Scholars

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Third-graders at Parkway Elementary School proved to be fantastic football fans as they completed several assignments related to the Super Bowl on Feb. 3.

Kristi De Lace’s class celebrated the Falcons vs. Patriots face-off with projects, activities and treats. The students researched the history of the Super Bowl and its past winners, presented their facts through charts, learned about biographies as they answered questions about Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, and predicted this year’s winner. They used multiplication to review Super Bowl squares and improved their geography and map skills as they located states that hosted previous Super Bowls.
The day was not without its artistic element, which the third-graders embraced as they created persuasive posters designed to influence others’ decisions about which team to root for. The front of the classroom was decorated with the creative posters, with equal representation of both the Patriots and Falcons.
Overall, the Super Bowl learning experience involved reading, writing, technology, research and math. Thanks to parent volunteers, students enjoyed typical game-day snacks, football-themed lollipops and a field of cupcakes after completing their work.