Pay It Forward

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The members of Woodland Middle School’s Peer Helpers club in the East Meadow School District inspired sixth-graders to make a positive impact on others during their “Pay It Forward” assembly.  This presentation is based on the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

At the opening of the presentation, each sixth grade student was given one blue and one orange index card.  Members of the Peer Helpers wrote a story about one day in the life of a student.  The peer helpers instructed the sixth graders to hold up a blue card when they heard a positive statement and an orange card for negative statements.   As the students held up their color cards, the peer helpers placed the matching color Post-it on a huge heart in the front of the auditorium.  This served as a visual representation of how negative words and feelings can affect an individual in one day.

Following this activity, the students watched a video clip from the movie, Pay It Forward.  The clip explained the theory that if you do something kind for someone, they in turn, will pay it forward to create a chain reaction of positive change.  The Peer Helpers encouraged the sixth-graders to spread kindness throughout the school by extending themselves to other students, whether by saying hello, helping to carry their books to class or sitting with a new student at lunch.