Fitness With Dr. Recess

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Second-graders at Parkway Elementary School learned about the importance of being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle when PlayFit Education founder Dr. Curt Hinson — aka “Dr. Recess” — led an interactive assembly at the school on March 23. 

According to its website, PlayFit Education specializes in fitness, health, physical education and playground programs that focus on play, fitness and social-emotional health. The company’s Dr. Recess Assembly and Playground Games Program was created to serve elementary schools throughout the nation. 

Dr. Hinson educated the young students about new and exciting ways to learn, grow and develop healthy lifestyles through play. This play includes grade level-appropriate games that enhance students’ social-emotional, critical thinking and motor skills.

 Following the indoor assembly, the students met Dr. Hinson outside during their recess time to participate in the activities he had taught them. Using dodge balls, hula hoops and cones, they engaged in games such as “Keep Away” and “One Bounce” with their classmates.