Caught Being Kind at Clarke

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With outdoor temperatures beginning to rise, the atmosphere at W.T. Clarke Middle School also turned warmer as the school community spread kindness throughout the month of April.

Organized by the school’s Student Government, the monthlong Kisses for Kindness initiative encouraged students, faculty and administrators to “catch” others in a benevolent act. Members of Student Government cut hundreds of paper Hershey’s Kisses on which students could document the good deeds performed by their peers and teachers. A submission box for paper Kisses was also placed in the main office for staff and administrators to note when students and faculty demonstrated kindness.

Every day, student government members delivered a bag of Hershey’s Kisses to those who had been caught the day before. The paper Kisses were posted daily in the hallway in a growing display of schoolwide kindness, with more than 600 Kisses coming to fill the hallways in acknowledgment of the school community’s thoughtfulness and compassion.

“I am so proud of the student government for thinking of this idea and including everyone in the building,” said Student Government advisor Margaret Sweeny. “The enthusiasm and excitement we received from students, teachers and administrators is truly remarkable.”