Meadowbrook Unveils Buddy Bench

Meadowbrook Unveils Buddy Bench Photo thumbnail78787
Meadowbrook Elementary School held a special dedication ceremony to reveal the school’s new buddy bench in honor of Tanner Eichele, who passed away from a brain tumor.  

Initiated by Christian Bucks, a first-grader from Roundtown Elementary School in Pennsylvania, the buddy bench is designed to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground by spreading the message of inclusion and kindness.
Opening the ceremony, Meadowbrook Principal Kelly O’Brien welcomed students, faculty, central administrators, PTA members and Tanner’s parents, Melissa and Andrew Eichele, to honor Tanner’s legacy of being a “buddy to everyone he met” with the new bench.

Mrs. Eichele expressed her gratitude to the entire school community for honoring her son.

“Knowing that children at Meadowbrook will be extending a friendly hand and supporting each other when they need it most is exactly what Tanner would want,” she said. “He would be so proud to see all of you helping each other, making friends and being kind.”

The Meadowbrook student body followed these poignant remarks by performing a song, written for the occasion by school choral and general music teacher Linda Braun, and taking the school’s “Buddy Bench Pledge” to be kind, respectful, understanding and a good friend to all.

The bench will be located near the playground so that students can make new friends and invite others to play during recess.

The district is proud to honor Tanner’s memory and extends a special thank–you to Meadowbrook’s administrators, faculty and PTA for coordinating this special event.