Celebrating Their Kindness

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Members of Bowling Green Elementary School’s Goodwill Ambassadors, Bridges to Friendship club and Bully Prevention Squad received an end-of-year celebration for their kindness, devotion and success over the school year. All three organizations spend their time volunteering to break isolation among students and prevent bullying within the school, lunchroom and at recess.
Goodwill Ambassadors in grades two and three volunteer twice a week to interact with students who are alone during recess and notify the staff if there is any bullying going on. Members in grades four and five spend one day a week interacting with isolated students as well as assisting lunch aides with kindergartners and first-graders during their lunch periods.

Student volunteers of Bridges to Friendship assist special needs students, as well as report any issues of bullying in the school, on the buses, in the lunchroom and during recess to members of the Bully Prevention Squad.

The Planning Management Team, school social worker Steven Sacks, administrators, faculty and parents organized the end-of-year bash, providing pizza and ice cream to the volunteers and bestowing certificates of recognition upon all members who have helped to make Bowling Green a better place.