District Recognizes Principals, Board of Education During Communication Meeting

District Recognizes Principals, Board of Education During Communication Meeting photo thumbnail83025

In honor of School Board Recognition Week, East Meadow students expressed their appreciation to the district’s board of education on behalf of all students, teachers, administrators and families of the community during the board’s communication meeting on Oct. 26.

East Meadow High School senior Jolie Rebelo, who was named a 2017-2018 Long Island Arts Alliance Scholar Artist, set the tone for the evening with a string performance on the violin. 

Before the school board recognitions began, East Meadow Board of Education President Scott Eckers and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr., celebrated Principal Recognition month by presenting certificates of appreciation to each building principal for their dedication to bringing out the best in every student and faculty member. 

“Our principals make a difference in the lives of our children every day,” said Eckers. “Whenever I walk into our schools, I see our principals interacting with students.”  

To recognize the board’s diligent service to the community, each school in the district “adopted” a board member to thank them for their tireless efforts. Student representatives shared a biography of each board member, including their community involvement, and unveiled a portrait of the individual created by students who used a variety of media from renowned artists as their inspiration.   

“It takes strong schools to build a strong community,” said Dr. Card. “These board members devote countless hours to making sure our schools are raising student achievement by creating a clear vision for the future of education, providing accountability for student achievement results, developing a budget that aligns district resources with student achievement and supporting a healthy school district culture.”   

The district also extends its gratitude to District Art Chairperson, Heather Anastasio, District Director of Music and Art, Dr. Christopher Hale, and the art teachers from all nine schools for working with students to create the portraits.