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Students at Meadowbrook Elementary School celebrated the Halloween season in their classrooms with creative projects that reinforced their math and writing skills.

First-graders in Eileen Cohen’s class got into the spirit by constructing jack-o’-lanterns out of paper. After drawing ribs on their paper pumpkins, they attached the eyes, nose and mouth. Inside the mouth, they glued 10 teeth and wrote “10” on the pumpkin’s stem.        

Collaboration was at the heart of another lesson between kindergartners and fifth-graders, who teamed up to make “shape-o’-lanterns.” The older students got things started by cutting out large orange circles as the base for their pumpkins, along with a variety of geometric shapes to use as features. Determing which shapes represented the eyes, nose and mouth, the kindergartners glued them onto their pumpkins. With help from their fifth-grade buddies, they counted the number of shapes they had used and wrote the sum at the bottom of their projects.