Arcade Of Compassion

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By building their own arcade games, Barnum Woods Elementary School fifth-graders raised more than $1,700 for those affected by the recent hurricanes   This activity was inspired by the film “Caine’s Arcade.”

According to the “Caine’s Arcade” website, 9-year-old Caine Monroy built his own cardboard arcade, filled with games and prizes, for customers of his father’s auto parts store. When filmmaker Nirvan Mullick walked in, he became Caine’s first and only customer. Through this experience, Mullick created a documentary about Caine’s arcade while also establishing a scholarship fund for him to attend college. 

The fifth-graders at Barnum Woods carried out the idea over the course of a month by creating their own arcade games, including foosball, Plinko, pinball and claw machines. Students, parents, faculty and administrators visited over 100 games and paid 25 cents per game for the chance to win a prize, raising a grand total of $1,767.08 for the people affected by the four major hurricanes experienced in Texas, Florida, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.