Hope For The Holidays

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The fifth-graders in Jennifer Abshire’s class at Bowling Green Elementary School in the district came together in the spirit of the season when they wrapped toys for 26 families as part of the school’s “Hope for the Holidays” toy drive.
Over the course of three weeks, students, staff and adminstrators raised more than $1,800 for the toy drive through two schoolwide fundraisers. On “Cozy Day,” students and faculty were encouraged to wear pajamas and donate $1 to decorate a heart for display in the school’s lobby. Continuing the comfortable dress theme, the second fundraiser, “Jeans for Joy,” asked faculty to wear jeans on a designated Friday to make their contribution. In addition, teachers and staff could sponsor a student to donate to the holiday drive. 

After all donations were collected, Ms. Abshire’s class visited Toys R Us in Carle Place to purchase gifts for local families.

Listening to holiday music and wearing festive clothes, the fifth-graders gathered in groups to wrap the presents, which included Play Doh sets, Legos, coloring books, racecars and a princess dress chest.