Students Learn Online Privacy Doesn’t Exist

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During a riveting assembly titled “I Am Someone” with speaker and retired Kentucky police officer Scott Harvey, students at Woodland Middle School learned how the internet and popular apps work, as well as the sobering fact that online privacy does not exist.

The problem with social media and the internet is that we don’t have a firm understanding of how technology works, Harvey told the students. “What you say online is like a microphone that reaches the world,” he noted. “Social media gives you great power, and with great power comes responsibility.”

Harvey explained the pros and cons of popular apps Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram and explained that posts go to the cloud where a copy has been made. He also noted that because posts never truly disappear after being deleted, students should assume they are always being recorded.

“If you wouldn’t say it in person, why say it online?” Harvey asked the students.

Harvey’s overall message was punctuated with videos of worst-case scenarious of misuse of the internet and common apps, busniness officials losing their jobs over comments made online and a student being cyberbullied. Most importantly, he urged students to search for help if they are having a problem related to internet postings.