Yearlong project culminates for East Meadow seniors

Year-long project culminates for East Meadow seniors photo thumbnail95928

Starting in September, the senior class at East Meadow High School embarked on a yearlong journey designed to further prepare them for life after graduation. 

The objective of this journey – the senior project – is to actively engage students in “real-world” experiences by having them either participate in an internship or undertake a community service effort. This project also serves to foster compassion, creativity, citizenship and confidence in students as they enter the workforce, college and society, all while gaining positive, hands-on experience with community professionals.

The first semester consisted of resume and interview workshops to ready the seniors for the next step, which was to complete at least 25 hours of experience in a chosen activity. Beginning with the resume process, students identified areas of interest, applied and reached out to sponsors for their internships or community service work. They fleshed out this experience during the second semester, and they recorded their progress by logging their daily hours and activities. 

The journey culminated on May 25th with a Senior Project Fair, where the students visually demonstrated their experiences, lessons learned and contributions through project boards. With only a few months before starting their own senior projects, the junior class was tasked with reporting on the event by conducting interviews with the presenters. 

Coordination of the project was led by teachers Danielle Casamassina, Sheena Jacob and Kimberly LoFaso of the business, English and social studies departments respectively.