Parkway Classes Take Responsive Approach

Parkway Classes Take Responsive Approach photo thumbnail101486

Classes at Parkway Elementary School in the East Meadow School District showcased a pilot program called “responsive classrooms” on the morning of Sept. 18 by holding morning meetings between teachers and students. 

Inside the kindergarten and first-grade classrooms of Krystal Mancuso and Amy DePaulo, respectively, students gathered to greet one another while also engaging in sharing discussions, group activities and morning messages. In Mrs. Mancuso’s class, students made eye contact before shaking each other’s hands. Students also had the opportunity to share stories of a recent activity and some even told jokes. 

The objective of the morning meetings is to allow the students to gather as a community while merging social, emotional and intellectual learning in addition to creating a climate of trust and respectful interactions. 

Classes at Bowling Green Elementary School are also engaged in this pilot this year.  If successful, this program could be expanded to more classrooms and other district elementary schools next year.