East Meadow Students Honor Rachel’s Challenge

East Meadow Students Honor Rachel’s Challenge photo  thumbnail102210

East Meadow High School seniors helped sixth-grade students at Woodland Middle School create a positive and bully-free school environment by accepting and participating in Rachel’s Challenge on October 11.

Rachel’s Challenge was established following the 1999 tragedy at Columbine High School. The mission of the challenge is to inspire and equip every person to create a permanent, positive change in their school through assemblies, team building exercises and the acceptance of others. The non-profit organization is led by Darrell and Sandy Scott in memory of their daughter, Rachel. 

The day of the challenge began with an assembly for the sixth-graders to explain Rachel’s story of spreading kindness, dreaming big and starting a chain reaction of positive change. Following the conclusion, the students were asked to fulfill five goals during the school year: look for the best in other, dream big, choose positive influences, speak with kindness and start your own chain reaction.

During the final two class periods of the day, seniors from East Meadow High School visited sixth-grade classrooms to conduct lessons that incorporate Rachel’s Challenge. The lessons started with sixth-graders introducing themselves while also adding a fun fact about their personality. The senior leaders then asked each class if they accept Rachel’s Challenge for the upcoming school year.

The lesson proceeded with the task of having each student receive their act of kindness sheets signed by a different student. The activity helped to enforce the ways students can be kind and inspire positivity. The lesson in each classroom concluded with a video compilation of movie scenes, speeches and interviews that demonstrated various ways of how to create a positive environment and a slide on how to be a good example at school. 

The district thanks the seniors from East Meadow High School for taking the time to demonstrate the importance of kindness and positivity to the sixth-graders!