Woodland Students Build Team Skills

Woodland Students Build Team Skills photo thumbnail103900

Eighth-grade students at Woodland Middle School came together to develop their team-building skills through various activities on November 15 and 16.

The eighth-grade students are split into a pair of “houses,” each of which participated in a full day of team-building activities that helped foster cohesion and collaboration. Through group efforts, students accomplished their goals in a variety of exercises – a “stepping stones” challenge forced groups of eight to ten students with the task of getting from one side of the room to the other by placing circular dots, which represented lava, across a floor. There were numerous requirements and one was keeping every dot occupied. Other tasks such as “switch sides” and “toxic waste” presented similar problems for the students to solve.

The day culminated with a marshmallow challenge and a reflection on the initiative through flipgrid. Flipgrid is an online resource that enables teachers to create a set of short, discussion-style questions that the students respond to through video recordings. 

This was the first of three events geared towards eighth-grade team-building at Woodland Middle School throughout the year. The objective is for students to develop and strengthen collaborative skills before moving on to high school.