Lessons of Ryan’s Story Come to Woodland

Lessons of Ryan’s Story Come to Woodland photo thumbnail104029

Eighth-grade students at Woodland Middle School experienced an emotional presentation on November 20 when John Halligan presented the “Ryan’s Story” assembly.

Students gathered in the auditorium as Mr. Halligan shared valuable lessons about the effects of bullying and the impact it has on students and their families. Through a powerful slideshow and presentation, Mr. Halligan delivered an anti-bullying program that focused on the devastating suicide of his 13-year-old son Ryan in 2003.

Mr. Halligan shared details of the struggles and bullying Ryan faced that resulted in taking his own life. He also described the painful effect that Ryan’s death had on his family and the ultimate power of forgiveness. 

As a main message, Mr. Halligan encouraged each of the eighth-graders to stand up to those being unkind and demonstrated how treating others nicely can have positive effects throughout their school and community.