Eco Friendly

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Fifth-grade students in Jane Hodge’s science classes at Barnum Woods Elementary School recently took part in lessons about the ecosystem. They created their own eco-columns while taking on the responsibility of preserving the environments.

Two of Ms. Hodge’s classes had the opportunity to create the eco-columns by constructing three two-liter bottles into a terrarium, an aquarium and a connecting column. With the terrarium on top, the water used to feed the living and non-living organisms soaked through the column and into the aquarium to provide fresh water.

The living residents of the ecosystem included snails, guppies, crickets and pill bugs in addition to non-living elements.

“I learned how the ecosystem helps insects like the cricket live and how the cycle of water from the terrarium to the aquarium helps the living and non-living organisms,” said fifth-grader Lexi Elfassy.