Personal Narrative Café

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Kara Riley’s third grade class in the East Meadow School District’s Meadowbrook Elementary School transformed their classroom into a Personal Narrative Café on January 8.

The café was opened to celebrate the students’ first published personal narrative writing. The third-graders had been working on the short stories for the past two months by going through the phases of brainstorming, revising, editing, publishing and celebrating.

During the celebration, the students completed a full “book tasting menu” by reading a different peer’s book for each of the four courses (appetizer, salad, main course and dessert). After completing the book “meal,” students turned to their “reflection napkin” where they shared notes on how each of the authors “glowed,” by providing highlights of their books and how they can “grow” by sharing constructive feedback. 

The café was a great way for students to celebrate, share and reflect their two months of hard work!