Arcade Tokens Turned Donations

Arcade Tokens Turned Donations photo thumbnail106348
Through the creation of arcade games, Barnum Woods Elementary School fifth-graders were able to raise $1,100 to donate to Island Harvest.

The third annual Global Cardboard Challenge was inspired by the 2012 documentary Caine’s Arcade. The film highlights how 9-year-old Caine Monroy built his own cardboard arcade, filled with games and prizes, for customers of his father’s auto parts store. When filmmaker Nirvan Mullick walked in, he became Caine’s first and only customer. Through this experience, Mullick created a documentary about Caine’s arcade while also establishing a scholarship fund for him to attend college.

Fifth-graders at Barnum Woods for the third straight year used the idea to carry out a month-long creation of arcade games made of recycled cardboard and materials. Some examples of the games that students created included foosball, Plinko, pinball and claw machines. Parents, students and staff were invited to come and play for 25 cents per game on December 17, with all money raised going to Island Harvest. 

On January 16, representatives from Island Harvest came to Barnum Woods to collect the donation and to thank the students for their efforts.

“We were extremely proud of the games they created and the generosity of our guests,” said Technology Instructor and Literacy Coach Jaime Assortato.