Riding the Wave of Information

Riding the Wave of Information photo thumbnail109119

The entire fourth-grade at Barnum Woods Elementary School took part in a collaborative three-day physical science lesson surrounding waves and binary code.

Starting on January 28, the six teachers alternated classrooms to give a full scope of the various types of waves that are found in water, objects and sound. Students measured amplitudes and wavelengths, the effects of energy on a wave, the changing properties in a wave and how communication can change.

The lesson concluded on January 30 when students were educated on binary code and its place in communication before taking part in a grade-wide activity in the hallway. The group split into two lines outside of the classrooms to demonstrate the transfer of energy by hand squeezing while incorporating the use of communication with binary code. A student at the beginning of the line was given a code to squeeze or not to squeeze their partner’s hand with the effect going down the line, resulting in picking up an object or not based off the initial code.

The theme concluded inside the classroom where students used their knowledge to answer questions with the goal of receiving a key to unlock a mystery box that held a prize for each participant. Once all of the locks had been removed, the mystery box opened and the students were rewarded for three days of science fun!