Free to Mix it Up

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Woodland Middle School celebrated the last day of school before winter break on Feb. 15 by hosting “Mix It Up Day,” which included team building activities for the students.

The Social Emotional Learning Committee organized a Disney-themed “Mix It Up Day” for sixth-and seventh-graders during their lunch periods. The intention was to have students meet new people while developing their social and teamwork skills. Activities, included a scavenger hunt and a word search, which encouraged students to assist each other.  Prizes were randomly distributed to those that fully completed the scavenger hunt.

Eighth-graders continued their year-long focus on team building. The first portion of team-building skill development took place in November, and the eighth-grade class gathered again for a recent round of collaborative activities including a human rock, papers, scissors tournament as a continuation of the lesson.

Woodland thanks the SEL Committee for organizing a great day and looks forward to more team building activities this year.