Promoting the Importance of Reading

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Guest readers visited Bowling Green Elementary School on March 8 to conclude the celebration of PARP week throughout the district.

Readers included East Meadow Fire Department Third Assistant Chief Paul J. Kosiba, Board of Education Vice President Dr. Scott Eckers, former Superintendent of Schools Leon Campo, Board of Education trustees, police officers, district administrators and officials as well as parent volunteers.

The guests spent time in assigned classrooms reading books to students as a way to promote the importance of reading and the fun it can be. To help the students feel more comfortable, they were invited to come to school in “comfy pajamas.”

“I feel it is important for the kids to listen to stories, some new, some old, and to use their imaginations and be creative,” said parent-volunteer Tricia Barsuaskas.

Bowling Green thanks all of the guest readers for taking the time to share and read to the students.