Certified Specialists and Experts

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The Business Department is proud to share the growing success of the Microsoft Office Suite certification program. 

Two East Meadow High School students made history in the 20-plus years of the program by scoring perfect scores on the Microsoft Office Suite certification. Nathalie Polanco scored perfectly in both Word Specialist and PowerPoint Specialist while Jesse Wu achieved flawless results in Word.
Meanwhile, Anusha Arora, also of East Meadow High School, became certified in PowerPoint Specialist, Word Specialist, Excel Specialist, Word Expert and Excel Expert. She is also expected to take the Access Specialist exam later this year. Students with this certification are recognized globally to validate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the Microsoft Office Suite. 

The program has been offered for more than 20 years through the Business Department’s LIU High School Scholars Program in Computer Literacy and Multimedia IV classes in East Meadow High School. In recent years, it has expanded to W.T. Clarke High School.