Projects Come to Life

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Third-grade students at Meadowbrook Elementary School brought biography projects to life by hosting a Wax Museum presentation on March 28.

The museum was created in the school’s all-purpose room following nearly two months of work. Starting on February 4, students studied and explored biographies before writing a specific U.S. president’s biography. After becoming accustomed to the biography writing process, the next phase was to research and investigate a famous and/or historical figure for their research project.

Upon selecting the subjects of their biographies, students were able to begin writing and creating poster boards during the two weeks leading up to the museum. The writing included well-crafted TDEC paragraphs. An acronym representing four different steps, TDEC is a guide for writing a structured paragraph. It stands for “topic” to restate the question, “detail” to answer the question, “example” of pulling specific evidence from the text and “conclusion” to tie the response together. Poster boards including images of the figure as well as an introduction, life story, interesting facts and how the person impacted the world.

The presentations came to life at the Wax Museum, during which students dressed as their famous person and shared information with families, friends and district officials who toured the displays. Subjects included Emma Watson, Tom Brady, Steve Jobs, John Cena, Lou Gehrig, Neil Armstrong and many others.

“The biography project and Wax Museum was a great way to show how we celebrate writing in East Meadow,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. David Casamento.