Bringing our stories to paper

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Students in the English as a New Language program at Bowling Green Elementary School celebrated the unveiling of their collaborative published book, “Our Stories,” on April 1.

The students wrote about influential people in their lives, special memories and themselves in the form of autobiographies during a project dating back to November. The assignment was a way to highlight the importance of diversity and individuality. Teachers, parents and grandparents were among the featured influential people.

Following a brief April Fool’s Day joke from teacher Jackie Goldstein about the books not being delivered, the students were presented with a box filled with copies of the compiled book. Each student viewed their own work, as well as that of classmates, while also taking a few moments to read excerpts to one other. Some students had the special opportunity to read their projects to the Bowling Green teachers they wrote about.

“As a teacher, there is nothing better than seeing your students proud of their own writing,” said Ms. Goldstein. “Our celebration was not just about a book, it was also about embracing our differences and uniqueness in each of our stories.”