Spreading Good Deeds

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East Meadow High School students Julia Cuttone, Rosanna Cuttone, Sabera Hossain and Emily Lam have been named recipients of the 2019 Good Deed Award for Long Island Teenagers. Presented by the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education of Nassau County, these distinctions recognize teenagers who are thoughtful, helpful, charitable, kindhearted, supportive, community minded and positive.

With one voice each year, business, government and community leaders come together to honor and thank extraordinary teens for their significant achievement, excellence, effectiveness and creativity as positive role models. 

Students were nominated by their educators, clergy, peers and/or community leaders. To qualify, candidates must demonstrate thoughtfulness, equality/social justice, integrity, honesty and responsibility.

“These teens represent East Meadow and Long Island’s youth with their positive impact, activism and leadership,” said guidance counselor Joanna Silberman.