Honoring Yom HaShoah

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East Meadow High School acknowledged Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, by welcoming guest speakers Felica Katz and Ruth Mermelstein to share stories about the devastating event.

Ms. Katz spoke on behalf of her mother, Ethel Bauer Katz, a Holocaust survivor from Buczacz, Poland. Ethel narrowly escaped the German Army and was the sole survivor of her family, enduring the last few months of the war on her own. After the Soviet Army liberated her town in 1944, Ethel immigrated to the United States. She has summarized her experiences in a memoir titled “Our Tomorrows Never Came.” 

Ms. Mermelstein was born in Romania and was one of six siblings. She and her sister Elisabeth were the only surviving family members of Auschwitz. The two worked as slave laborers and were then transported to work in an ammunition factory. Ruth was sent on a five-week death march before being liberated by British troops. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent by the Red Cross to Sweden, where she met her husband. The couple moved to America to begin the next chapter of their lives together.

“Thank you to our administration, Assistant Principal Christina Egan, Social Studies Chairperson Drew Genoino, and Expanding Pride in Israeli Culture (EPIC) club advisors Joanna Silberman and Margherita Diglio for inviting these two speakers,” said Lindsay Uffer, President of EPIC. “We are lucky to hear these experiences because one day soon we will have no one to share these atrocities first-hand.”