Submerge into Coding

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Third grade students at Meadowbrook Elementary School immersed themselves into a mystery story experience lead by Submerge Storytelling during the week of May 27.

Submerge Storytelling is an educational program that transforms a classroom into the setting of a story, motivating students to draw conclusions about the characters, plots and themes. 

Cory Levine of Submerge Storytelling transformed a Meadowbrook classroom into the bedroom of 12-year-old Trevor Cool, who breaks codes for the CIA. The room contained a twin-sized bed, desk, Legos, wall decorations, sports memorabilia, codes and ancient artifacts. Students examined evidence and applied their literacy and critical thinking skills to become detectives in search of Trevor as he is being chased by the notorious CIA double agent, Cobra.

Throughout the week, third graders learned how to make connections with evidence without jumping to conclusions. They also discussed the importance of evidence and order of events. Students then created a timeline to help figure out the accurate plot line.

Meadowbrook thanks Mr. Levine for putting on the week-long activity as well as the PTA for providing students with this detective opportunity.