Fresh 3D Clay

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Advanced craft classes at W.T. Clarke High School were fortunate to experience the pilot use of a 3D clay printer this school year under the direction of art teacher James Parisi.

Mr. Parisi introduced the equipment, as well as the Potterware design application for 3D printing of ceramics, earlier this year. 

“Potterware is an amazing program that helps to create the perimeters and use a slide bar to create over 1,000 combinations for students to manufacture.” Said Mr. Parisi.

The process of creating a piece of art using the 3D printer started with design. Students took 15-20 minutes to map out their plan using the software before attempting to print the creation with the clay-loaded printer. 

Five students were able to create pottery with the application. However, only one design, a small vase, successfully printed. It was a learning year for teachers and students for this first-year project.  Much of the trial and error included finding the right density of the clay and matching it up with the product being produced. Mr. Parisi expects the printer to produce more projects next year as he and the students continue to learn.

“I am confident that as we continue to navigate the right consistency of the clay, students will be producing extraordinary pieces of art thanks to this printer,” Mr. Parisi said. The district is proud to be the only district on Long Island experimenting with this technology and applauds the work of Mr. Parisi and his students.