A Strong Welcome Back

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The District and Bowling Green Elementary School community gathered on Sept. 4 to welcome back fourth grader Mahdi Islam for the first time since his heart transplant last spring.

Mahdi was greeted by students, teachers and administrators as he made an emotional return filled with excitement. He entered the building with a radiant smile as he noticed the crowd waiting for him. Students and staff members lined the hallways as he was led by the school’s mascot to his fourth grade classroom, where he was eager to rejoin his classmates and friends.

Bowling Green held a similar rally last April to support Mahdi prior to his heart transplant. The school called the event “Super Hero Day.” Everyone who wore a superhero shirt or costume donated at least $1.  The contributions raised that day amounted to $4,000 and was donated to help support the Islam family. Additionally, Madhi was able to take part in the celebration through a surprise FaceTime call with his teacher Christine Reiman.

This time however, Madhi was able to see in person the encouragement and love shown by the entire community as he walked through the hallways with a smile from ear to ear.  “I was really excited to see my best friends and teachers,” said Mahdi.

Mahdi’s father, Saidul, was taken back by the reaction from the students and teachers who have not seen Mahdi since last year.  “I cannot thank the East Meadow School District and the Bowling Green School enough for all of the support they have shown our family,” said Saidul. “We are very thankful to the community.”

Mahdi had no hesitation as he seamlessly stepped back into school work and demonstrated his excitement to take on the adventures of fourth grade this school year.