Bowling Green Students Take American Indian Journey

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Students at Bowling Green Elementary School received a cultural and historic experience on Oct. 4, when the Journeys into American Indian Territory program provided an in-school field trip.

The mission of those at Journeys into American Indian Territory is to bring an authentic Native American experience to children and adults alike, where ancient teachings meet the modern world.   

The day kicked off with an initial assembly for all students, which was followed by educational workshops. The gym and cafeteria were transformed into museums filled with artifacts, clothing, equipment and more. The guest educators discussed lifestyles, activities, community and other characteristics of the Eastern Woodlands, and students had opportunities to tour a mini longhouse, play musical instruments, grind corn, participate in traditional American Indian games and hear stories.

In the afternoon, all students received a lesson about Iroquois government, expressed their creativity in a clay workshop and got moving with music and dancing. The event tied in with the curriculum and brought it to life with engaging, interactive resources.