W.T. Clarke Senior Gets His Chance on the Court

W.T. Clarke Senior Gets His Chance on the Court photo thumbnail144115
Robbie Twible, a senior at W.T. Clarke High School, loves basketball and has been the announcer for the varsity team for the last three seasons. But due to a rare skin disorder known as epidermolysis bullosa, Robbie has never been able to play the sport he loves — until the evening of Dec. 13, when he was announcing the for the game against East Rockaway. When he read his own name and number at the end of the roster, Robbie got the surprise of a lifetime. Thanks to a coordinated surprise among the W.T. Clarke and East Rockaway teams, as well as Robbie’s parents, Robbie ran out onto the court and was finally able to participate in the sport he loved.

Clarke gained possession in the tipoff and passed the ball to Robbie. He made a layup and was officially solidified in the books as a member of the varsity basketball team. After his scoring basket, Robbie went back to announce the game for the crowd of supporters. 

Special thanks to all those who helped to coordinate the surprise, including W.T. Clarke Athletic Director Josh Friedman. See the story on News 12 and a video highlighting Robbie and his special moment here.