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Graphic Novelists Hold Celebration at Meadowbrook Elementary School

Students During the Reading Workshop thumbnail216748

Mrs. Cosolito has been wanting to plan a Graphic Novel Unit for her fifth graders at Meadowbrook Elementary School in East Meadow for a few years now.

She was finally able to implement a Graphic Novel Reading/Writing Unit over the past two months. During reading, the class read a mentor text, “El Deafo,” and analyzed all the features that a graphic novel displays. While reading “El Deafo,” students read their own graphic novel to analyze during Reading Workshop. Throughout their Reading Workshop, students were simultaneously writing their very own graphic novel.

The process consisted of creating a protagonist, antagonist, and round and flat characters. The students needed to create settings that changed the mood of the reader. Fifth graders created numerous pages of dialogue that matched their story mountain. They also studied different types of panel layouts that their graphic novel could have. The last stage was to publish their graphic novel. Some students handwrote the entire graphic novel while others used Google Slides or Book Creator.

To celebrate the students’ hard work and to share their graphic novel, Mrs. Cosolito’s class hosted a Graphic Novel Publishing Popcorn Party on April 29.

Date Added: 5/4/2022