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East Meadow School District scholars earn ‘Outstanding Student Award’

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East Meadow School District scholars Christopher Loiacono and Musa Sultan were among the 16 exceptional Nassau BOCES students who earned the agency’s prestigious George Farber Outstanding Student Award.

Each scholar was recognized for demonstrating a variety of remarkable attributes including talent, commitment, honesty, diligence, compassion and high moral standards. “These students exemplify the very best of Nassau BOCES,” said Nassau BOCES District Superintendent Dr. Robert Dillon. “Each of them embodies the true spirit of George Farber. They have shown kindness to other students, exhibited an excellent work ethic and demonstrated outstanding commitment. They have eagerly shared their knowledge and made contributions to their communities. Their collective stories are an inspiration to us all.”

During his time at Iris Wolfson High School, Christopher has demonstrated tremendous academic and social growth. He is an exceptionally dedicated student with a high grade point average and nearly perfect attendance. He is taking several classes for combined high school and college credit, with an eye on earning an associate’s degree at Nassau Community College, and eventually obtaining a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university. He is currently acquiring valuable experience through his volunteer work at a law firm and his local library.

Christopher is an honest, kind and compassionate person with solid principles and strong moral values. He is an avid reader, an articulate communicator and an admirable person. He is respectful of, and respected by, his teachers and peers alike. He devotes considerable time to charity work, and has made substantial contributions to his church, school and community. He has helped to raise significant funds for breast cancer research and brought in numerous donations through the Heart Gram campaign for the Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

Musa, of Willet Avenue School, is a hardworking, highly motivated student who takes great pride in his work and thoroughly enjoys coming to school. He has a love for learning and favors hands-on activities, such as cooking lessons and riding bikes in physical therapy. He also loves to read, devouring books and stories, and is always eager for new topics in Scholastic Magazine.

Musa has a talent for singing, dancing and music, and incorporates music into various aspects of the school day. After practicing the guitar with his music teacher, and playing the different instruments in the music room, he returns to his classroom, where he uses music to learn the days of the week, months of the year, the weather and the seasons.

Musa is extremely social and outgoing, making connections with everyone he meets. He loves to greet people in the hallways, always with a friendly smile on his face, and is encouraging to all his classmates. Humble by nature, he shares credit for all his achievements with his teachers, teacher aides and various service providers.

The East Meadow School District congratulates both scholars on earning the George Farber Outstanding Student Award.

Date Added: 5/13/2022