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Teachers Get Pied in the Face for a Cause at Woodland Middle School

Teachers wearing protective gear to get pied in the face thumbnail217553
Teachers with pies to the face thumbnail217554
Student pressing a pie into a teacher's face thumbnail217555
Student pressing a pie into a teacher's face thumbnail217556
One teacher pressing a pie into the face of another thumbnail217557
Pies were flying left and right at Woodland Middle School in East Meadow during the SEL Committee’s Pie in the Face fundraiser on May 12.

Students gathered at the school’s football field to watch their teachers get pied in the face by their fellow classmates. Teachers also formed a line to pie each other with Principal James Lethbridge getting the last pie.

The SEL Committee raised $440 through the fundraiser and will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Date Added: 5/20/2022