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ENL Students Buddy Up at Bowling Green

ENL Students Buddy Up at Bowling Green 2018 thumbnail103836

Students in the English as a New Language (ENL) program at Bowling Green Elementary School were introduced to their year-long buddies on November 14. Through the ENL Buddy Reading initiative, students work as partners and help each other to improve their English writing and literacy skills. 

Led by ENL teachers Jaclyn Goldstein, Michelle Brenner and Jennifer Roman, the introductory session brought students from various grades together in the school’s all-purpose room to connect with their buddies. They asked each other questions and to get to know one another and practiced writing and reading in English. Following the introductions, students wrote down something they enjoyed. The papers containing their responses were mixed together in a pile.  Each student chose one of the pieces of paper and attempted to guess which peer wrote it as a way to further facilitate conversation within the group.

In addition, the program encourages the buddies to connect outside of the scheduled time as the group only meets once a month. The ENL Buddy Reading program looks forward to future meetings and the progress of the ENL students as they move toward English literacy!