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Gallucci Garden Grows

Gallucci Garden Grows photo thumbnail121048

Meadowbrook Elementary School presented a special thanks to retiring Assistant Principal Gail Gallucci on June 14, following a building-wide Flag Day Ceremony.

Principal Kelly Di Scalfani-O’Brien opened the surprise tribute to Ms. Gallucci and discussed how each grade prepared a special gift despite the difficulty of keeping the farewell party a secret. Students offered books, jokes and performances to honor Ms. Gallucci in her final weeks at Meadowbrook.

The ceremony was highlighted by the announcement that school’s garden will be renamed “Gallucci Garden,” and a redbud tree will be planted in her honor. The tree’s heart-shaped leaves represent the positive impact that Ms. Gallucci has left on the school community.  

“Thank you everyone for these tremendous gifts and recognitions,” said Ms. Gallucci. “I look forward to returning to Meadowbrook during my retirement to visit (and work in) ‘Gallucci Garden.’  I also look forward to seeing the students and staff as well.”