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Board of Education

Please be advised that the Board of Education has adopted the use of BoardDocs for its public meetings to ensure public access to Board Meeting agendas and minutes, as well as committee reports provided at the Communications Meetings. By using BoardDocs, attendees at Board meetings will be able to use their handheld devices to access the board agenda in real time to follow along as the Board conducts its business in public. Over the next several months, the district will phase out the distribution of paper copies of committee reports since they will be available via BoardDocs.

Click here to access BoardDocs



East Meadow School District Board of Education (front, from left):
Trustees Allyson Benowitz, Jodi Luce and Melissa Tell
(back, from left): Trustee Scott Eckers, President Alisa Baroukh,
Vice President Matthew Melnick and Trustee Eileen Napolitano.

Board Of Ed. Contact number... (516) 876-7516


East Meadow U.F.S.D. Board of Education Members

baroukh image

Alisa Baroukh,
(term expires 6/30/23)


Melnick photo

Matthew Melnick,
Vice President

(term expires 6/30/22)



Allyson Benowitz,

(term expires 6/30/22)


Eckers photo

Dr. Scott Eckers, 

(term expires 6/30/23)



Dr. Jodi Luce, 
(term expires 6/30/22)


napolitano image

Eileen Napolitano,

(term expires 6/30/24)


Melissa Tell,

(term expires 6/30/24)


Committees - BOE Members 21/22 School Year
Committee: Chairperson:
Business  Allyson Benowitz
Facilities  Dr. Scott Eckers
Education  Dr. Scott Eckers
Personnel  Matthew Melnick             
Policies  Dr. Jodi Luce
School Safety and Transportation  Melissa Tell
District-wide School Safety Team 
 Dr. Jodi Luce,  Eileen Napolitano

The seven-member Board of Education is elected by the registered voters of the district. Board members serve for three-year terms without pay and are responsible under state law for establishing the policies governing the operation of the East Meadow Schools.

Board of Education Meetings begin at 7 p.m. The Board provides opportunities for members of the audience to speak at these meetings. There are two public commentary opportunities.  The first is at the beginning of the meeting, where the public may speak to any of the items on the agenda listed as “discussion and action” items.  The second opportunity is at the end of the meeting and is open for comments not related to agenda.  Persons following the protocol may address the Board by making statements, requesting information, and presenting particular viewpoints.  However, public comments regarding staff or other personnel matters, collective bargaining issues, pending legal matters, and particular in-process items of finance are not subjects for public comment or discussion. The Board of Education welcomes input on these issues in written form. 

The public is invited to attend all meetings on those dates listed on the calendar pages. The Board of Education may schedule additional public meetings as necessary on topics of importance, including those related to instruction and budget. 

Pursuant to the New York State Open Meetings Law, the public is invited to attend Board of Education Meetings, except on those occasions when matters concerning legal, personnel, acquisition, sale or lease of property, and particular matters of finance are scheduled for discussion. These areas are considered by the Board in executive sessions. The Board of Education values input from members of the public and welcomes attendance at all business meetings of the Board.