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COVID-19 Resource and Distance Learning

Welcome to the East Meadow School District COVID-19 Resource and Distance Learning Hub page. Please refer to the sections at left for district communications and important links and resources. This page will be updated as new information becomes available. Please check in regularly to get the most up-to-date information.  

Parent Protocol for Distance Learning

With every new experience there comes new learning for everyone involved.  At this time, we believe it important to review some basic online protocol for parents and guardians in terms of your child’s distance learning.

  • Adults should work with their children to ensure they are able to get online and connect with, and communicate with, their teachers and/or classes.
  • Adults should never use the chat feature in Google Meet or Teams to communicate with the classroom teacher.  These chats are not confidential and will not be answered.
  • Adults should not participate in live class instruction with their child’s class.  You wouldn’t be in the class if we were in school, please do not enter your child’s classroom while at home.
  • Adults should help their children stay motivated and keep them on track to work and submit all assignments in a timely manner.

To contact any staff member by email in the East Meadow School District, please use the following naming convention: first initial.full

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