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PTA Curriculum Council Presentations 2019-2020


September 25, 2019
CC Topic

Introduction of New Administrators-Director or Guidance & Director of Music and Art
Typing Pilot-Mr. Mendonis
New Computer Curriculum-Mr. Mendonis
Guidance Action Plan-Dr. Smith
October 16, 2019
CC Topic

Seal of Bi-Literacy-Ms. Morgani
Spanish for Heritage Speakers-Ms. Morgani
Summer Reading-Mr. Lukasik
November 6, 2019
CC Topic

District Data – Dr. Casamento
ESSA Report Card – Dr. Casamento
December 11, 2019 CC Topic
Next Generation ELA Standards-Mr. Lukasik
Next Generation Math Standards-Ms. Harley
January 15, 2020 CC Topic
Special Education Audit-Dr. Casamento & Ms. Dobies
Co-Teach Update-Ms. Dobies, Ms. Betz, and Ms. Kyvelos
February 12, 2020 CC Topic
Naviance Curriculum-Dr. Casamento & Christine Milan
Fundations-Mr. Lukasik
Writing Curriculum-Mr. Lukasik
March 11, 2020
CC Topic

CTE Pathways-Ms. McIntosh
NWEA Update-Mr. Lukasik and Ms. Harley
Curriculum Review-Business/Technology
April 1, 2020
CC Topic

Responsive Classroom Update-Mr. Lukasik
Curriculum Review-English
May 13, 2020
CC Topic

Summary/Wrap Up