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K - 2 and Educational and Thinking Games

Early Math

Kindergarten Math Skill Builders #
An excellent menu of K appropriate math activities

First Grade Math Skill Builders #
An excellent menu of Grade 1 math activities

Math's MagNet #
Another good collection of lower elementary math activities

Complete the Pattern #
Complete the color pattern

Compare and Order #
Comparison activities - developing the language of comparison using such terms as biggest, smallest, longest,  etc.

Snowflake Maker #
A simple to master program creates beautiful snowflake patterns.

Early Reading

The Painting Game #
Students match pictures with initial sounds

Tumble Books Library
The text is highlighted while its being narrated so students can follow along. Requires username and password.

A "Learn-to-Read" website, animated, students can click on words to hear pronounciation

Many well known children stories read online

Learning Activities - Preschool and Primary
A collection of early childhood activities

Spinning the Web for K-2 Teachers
A site developed for K-2 teachers by BOCES Professional Trainers Joanne Diskin and Jean Stanziale

Story Place Pre-School Library #
Numerous pre-school activities and stories developed by the Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Primary Games #
Many interactive activities for lower elementary


Strategy Games

Chess #
Good chess game for students.

Math is Fun
A large collection of strategy games and puzzles gathered from all over the Internet.

Strategy Games #
Play Battleship against the computer or Connect 4 against another person.



Jigsaw Puzzles from National Geographic #
Good jigsaw puzzles from the magazine's website.

Jigsaw Puzzles #
Online jigsaw puzzles with an option for setting the difficulty of the puzzles.

Rush #
An interesting puzzle using cars in a parking lot.

Hooda Math #
Great Site with dozens of problem solving games. Several of them are below.

Magnetic Moment #
Great problem solving game!

Sugar, Sugar #
Another great puzzle from the same site as Magnetic Moment.

Sugar, Sugar  Xmas #
A second set of sugar problems

Way of an Idea #
A super problem solving game!

Minesweeper #
Find the mines and don't get blown up.

Primary Games #
Puzzles and strategy games.


Golf Range #
Try for a "hole-in-one" by exploring velocity, angle, and drag.


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Keyboarding Games

Keyboarding Games #
A large collection of keyboarding games and keyboarding lessons

Dance Mat Typing #
An complete online typing tutor developed by the BBC

The Keyboard Playground #
Another collection of keyboarding games


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Language Arts







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Johnny's Math Page Math Zone Cool Math
HoodaMath ABCya! Math Interactive
Leap Froggies   Sheppard Software
Think Central Math Kid Friendly Math Search Xtra
Addition and Subtraction
Add / Subtract
Johnny's Math Page
Basic Adding and Subtracting - BBC Math Playground
Pumpkin Patch Addition Sheppard Math Learning Planet
Virtual Manipulatives 3-5 Toon University Math Magician Regrouping
Skip Counting Skip Counting 2 Addition with Regrouping
Math Word Problems Making 10  
Multiplication and Division Multipication Practice
Toon University Academic Skill Builders
Math Magician Greatest Common Factor Multiples, Factors
Finding Factors Multiplication Madness!  
Time Money Measurement
Time Telling Time Harcourt Telling Time Practice
Counting Coins Counting Money -Harcourt Johnnie's Math Page
How Much Money? Counting Coins Counting Money
Tic Toc Clock Clock Face Smiley Clock
Equal Parts: Fractions Harcourt Solid Figures Color Shape Size
Sides, Vertices, Edges, Faces Shape Store Find the Shapes Game
Solid Figures Polygon Sort Virtual Maniplatives K-2
Solid Shapes Quiz Naming Faces of
Solid Shapes
Sorting Triangles
Identifying Triangles Triangle ID
Sides and Angles
Geometric Terms Practice
Shape Surveyor 3-D Shapes Matching Interactive Shape Games
Cyberchase, Tangrams Tangrams PBS Kids How Many Sides?
Loading Shapes Polygon Matching Game Polygon Playground!
Measuring Angles
of a Shape
Ordered Pairs Grid Graphs
Geoboard FunBrain Coordinates Dino Dig Coordinates
Area and Perimeter Shape Explorer
Area and Perimeter
Geometry: Shape Flashcards
Coordinate Grid Practice Shape Identification Practicing Perimeter
Measuring Angles I Measuring Angles Estimate

Polygon Identification

Measuring Angles Airline Builder Polygon Pictures
Area and Perimeter Shape Explorer Measurement Tools
Interactive Polyhedron Explorer    
Shading Fractions Pizza Fractions Finding Fractions
Flirting With Fractions Fraction Flags Fraction Games
Fractions, Decimals, Percents Ice Cream Fractions Equivalent Fraction Practice
Equivalent Fractions Practice Equivalent Fractions Fraction Practice
Mixed Number Practice Mixed Numbers II Fraction of a Number
Action Fraction Number Balls Naming Decimals
Fraction MAN Quia Decimal Naming Naming Decimals Frog
Fraction Fruit Game Bridge Builders Fractions Visual Mixed Numbers
General Concepts
Rounding Numbers FunBrain Rounding Practice
Soft Schools
Rounding Practice
Math Zone
Place Value to Thousands Place Value Playoff! Rounding Whole Numbers
Place Value Machine Place the Penguins Shark Pool Place Value
Estimating a Sum BBC Math Links Types of Graphs
Place Value Practice Linear Measurement Measurement Inches
Measurement 2 Understanding Ratio Probability
Interpreting Data Charts Interpreting a Histogram BBC Interpreting Data
Graph Types Cool Math Probability 2
Place Value Practice BBC Handling Data Math Frog
Create a Graph Place Value



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Multi-Curricular Educational Sites

Educational Sites With a Broad Range of Activities

Room Recess #
Teacher-made Learning Games & Apps

Sheppard Software #
Hundreds of free, online, educational games for kids

Billy Bear 4 Kids #
Educational games, puzzles, and activities for grades K - 2 #
Educational games on all levels pre-K to 5, math skills practice, word games, etc.

Enchanted Learning #
This site contains many interactive activities that are tied to themes for K - 3. It also provides teacher resources for projects & ideas to go with the themes.

Primary #
Education games for lower elementary

Quia  #
Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas

Fun  #
Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas

Fun School   #
Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas

Kids Psych #
An interactive site for critical thinking and problem solving skills

ABC Teach   #
Broad range resource for lesson plans and activities


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 Explore Science

"...students visualize, experiment, and interact with many of the major concepts in science." Most
 activities are on the secondary level but there are some that will interest elementary students.


A site developed by the National Wildlife Federation. The "Field Guide" section is an animal encyclopedia.

Animal Planet
Contains an animal encyclopedia in the "Animals A to Zoo" section.

National Geographic Animals
An encyclopedia of animal life

Sea World/BuschGardens
This section is an encyclopedia for sea animals

A bird encyclopedia developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Kids' Planet Endangered Species
Fact sheets for over 50 endangered species

Endangered Species
"Dedicated to providing all the best endangered species information, links, books, and publications...."

Natural History Notebooks
Fascinating facts about 246 animal species from the Canadian Museum of Nature

The San Diego Zoo
Many features about animal life

Secrets at Sea  #
Grades 4 to 8; An interactive online game for students to solve mysteries while uncovering facts about ocean life

Created by the Missouri Botanical Garden



Introduction to Biomes
A site for students created by a professor at Radford Univ. in Virginia.

Blue Planet Biomes
Good biome site created by West Tisbury K-8 School on Martha's Vineyard.

Introduction to Biomes
Good data for young students about biomes


Plants and their Structure
A large site offering illustrations and pictures of the internal structures of plants.


All About Rainforests
Enchanted Learning's large Rainforest site designed for elementary students

 Jungle Photos
 Photos and data about Rainforests

 ABCTeach - Rainforest
 Information, pictures, and activities about the Rainforest

edHelper - Rainforest Activities
Information, pictures, and activities about the Rainforest



Biology for Kids
This site discusses and illustrates the basics of biology and includes a large section on cells.

Cells Alive!
A large site containing illustrations, explanations, photos, and links all pertaining to cells.

Eureka Science - I Can Do That
Sections on about DNA, RNA, cells, protein and cloning.

Great Plant Escape #
Help Detective Le Plant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.




Prehistoric Life
Pictures and information on prehistoric life from the Canadian Musem of Nature

Zoom Dinosaurs
Zoom Dinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension.
Earth Science
Volcano World

Thank you Ms. Walters' Class for helping me update the link.
"The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Info"

Sea and Sky
An interesting site with data and pictures about the universe and our oceans

Welcome to the Planets
This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.
An online magazine devoted to Space - contains articles on current events, a large archive of pictures, and many departments

Astronomy for Kids
Information on planets, stars, the sun, and the universe, not very detailed but good for preliminary information

Ask Dr. Universe
Questions and answers on many topics



How Stuff Works
Hundreds of articles about how things work such as: gas engines, cellphones, computers, etc.


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Social Studies

American History

A site mantained by The Department of History at Ohio State University

This Day in History
Find out what happened on your birthday - part of the History Channel website

On This Day
Another "What happened on your birthday" site

American Memory
The Library of Congress' Historical Collections for the National Digital Library

Native Americans

Native American Website for Children
A site developed by the New Haven School District, California

Native Americans - Resources for Kids & Teachers
A good links index for elementary students

The Colonies

The 13 American Colonies 
Good student friendly site about the colonies - Part of the Social Studies for Kids Website

The Constitution
The complete U.S. Constitution


Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark  #
An interactive site that challenges the student to solve the same problems that Lewis & Clark encountered

New Perspectives on The West
This website created by PBS has many good sections. This link begns on the biography page.

All About The Oregon Trail
A resource of information about the Oregon Trail

Illuminating the past through personal narratives and other first-handsources


The 1900s
A listing of important U.S. events for each year of the century


Holidays and Festivals

The First Thanksgiving  Scholastic
"Find out about the daily lives of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag as you go back to the year of the first Thanksgiving."

Holidays on the Net
A searchable multimedia site with a varied collection of U.S. holidays and celebrations including Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mardi Gras, etc.

Celebrations of Christmas around the world

Ramadan on the Net


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The Arts

Graphic Art

Java Kali #
A highly imaginative art program using symetrical patterns

Snowflake Designer #
Choose from three different programs.

Art Safari
A site which presents art to the student and asks questions to encourage the student to write about the art work.

This is a fine arts search engine. Search by artist, title or museum.


Carnegie Hall
Take a virtual tour of Carnegie Hall, see a bubble photo, learn about the Hall's history and even see program schedules.


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