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EMHS Senior Project 

Senior Project actively engages all EMHS seniors in a "real life" experience throughout their senior year. Throughout the first semester, students are involved in multiple workshops to prepare for Internship or Community Service placement. Students attend workshops in conjunction with English and Social Studies classes.

The Senior Project is a 25 - hour commitment in which all senior students are required to participate in an Internship or Community Service project. The objective of the program is to actively engage students in “real life” experiences during the second semester of their senior year. Senior Project is a major component of twelfth grade English. The process begins 1st semester with monthly workshops. Workshops categories include: Registration, Resume Writing, Interviewing, and Steps to Success. Students identify areas of interest, prepare essential paperwork, develop networking and interviewing skills and secure sponsorship. During the 2nd semester, students are required to complete volunteer/internship hours and to also generate a Senior Project research paper which is directly associated with the experience. Requirements include reflective journals, oral presentations, and video or photo documentation including trifold boards and/or PowerPoint presentations. The culmination of the project takes place at the end of the May with a Senior Project Fair hosted at East Meadow High School.

Senior Project has the potential to foster compassion, creativity, citizenship and confidence in students as they enter the college, workforce, and society. Students assume adult responsibilities and obligations as they progress through the project. The positive impact gained from the hands-on experience with community professionals is tremendous.

Senior Project Goals:
Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to lead a productive, responsible, and culturally enriched life in the 21st century.
Work cooperatively in a group as per Senior Project placement choices, while becoming an independent learner and productive thinker.
Understand our cultural heritage and the need to participate in the community as an informed and involved citizen.

Office: Room H13 Periods: 8th & 9th Phone: 516 228-5348 

Senior Project Resources