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Student Links




Kindergarten Links


Arthur's Musicbox

Kids psych

Learning Planet



PBS Kids



Barney and Friends

Berenstain Bears

Let's Make a Calendar

Clifford Activities

Games for Children

Gingerbread Man ABC's, #, and More 

Spatial Concepts


Nina Names Things


Pick a Pumpkin

Sesame Street

Starfall Alphabet

Story Place

Move the Feathers

Move the Sheep

Find the Star

Put Halves Together

Caillou Puzzles

Match the Dinosaur with its Shadow

Make a Dinosaur

Dinosaur Memory Game

Dinosaur Bone Game

Time for a Puzzle?

Game Goo


First & Second Grade Links
Choose a picture, write about it and print your story.
Make music! Drag items onto D.W.s contraption to make percussion music.
101 activities using KidPix .
Childrens spelling game from PBS KIDS
Listen to online stories and play related online games.
Develop thinking skills and have fun! (ages 1-5 and 
Hear online stories, play games and color characters that you know.
Computer lessons and activities.
Caption pictures
Math & Language arts k-2
Pre-school thru grade 2
Timed games to practice add facts grade 1-3
Timed games to practice add facts grade 1-3
Timed games to practice sub facts grade 1-3
Timed games to practice sub facts grade 1-3
Interactive Snow Fun !!!!
Interactive Snow Fun !!!!
Interactive Snow Fun !!!!
Interactive Snow Fun !!!!
Interactive Snow Fun !!!!
Use programming skills to have the turtle reach his pond habitat
Identify letters on the keyboard. This lesson is for letters A-Z.
Keyboarding for the lower grades- home keys & more!
Read-along books about community workers
Steps -for "How-To" grow a sunflower
article about matter: solid, liquid, and gas



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Language Arts

Provides colorful, interactive eBooks (over 3,000 of them), all with spoken-word audio and text highlighting. Useful as a resource for children, teachers, and parents.
Word Mover allows you to create "found poetry" by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; additionally, users can add new words to create a piece of poetry by moving/manipulating the text.
A website that helps you create cubes with whatever you want on them. It provides you with four basic cube options: a bio cube for biographies, a mystery cube for jotting down points for your stories or articles, a story cube for mapping your story elements, and a custom cube on which you can put down anything you want.
These are wonderful books read brilliantly by members of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. Great for listening comprehension. Each story has PDFs for questions and activities.
Make practice activies to with your spelling words for the week
Create spelling lists and have fun playing interactive games w/them.
Great website for teachers and students,(w/great videos) which covers Aussie philosophy of reading strategies (making connections visualizing, questioning etc.)
Practice your spelling, reading, vocabulary and more...
Draw a "doodle" to go along with a story.and write a summary of the story.
Student activities, story maps, word maker, story writing etc.
colorful poems with animation, audio and activities
Fun activities to help children learn to read
Many language arts activities
Read online, illustrated stories
If you enjoy mad libs, you'll love this site.
A fun, interactive site that builds students proofreading skills. Students are introduced into a real-world situation where proofreading skills are needed. HME-TV’s power has gone out and they need students help to fix TV scripts, memos, and other writings at the station. Students proofread leveled material(Grade 2-5) by selecting their grade level before the game begins.
An interactive tool that an online model for finding facts in nonfiction text.
A monthly update of activities, books, tours about the author, etc. relating to Jan Brett.
Visit the library, take in a movie, send an e-mail to the characters, or take a tour of the Bears' Tree House
English idioms and quizzes
Interactive games to support language arts
Online stories for beginning readers
Links to online stories for beginning readers, some are animated
Make your own puzzles, word searches, and mazes within minutes
Test your spelling knowledge with this spelling challenge.  Suitable for grades 1-6
Interactive language arts lessons, games, exercises, printable worksheets, open-ended questions, and more.  Suitable for grades k-8
Stories, poems and fables for elementary age children
Use your critical thinking skills to solve these online mysteries
Interactive Language Arts Activities for primary grades
A searchable database of PBS ELA lesson plans, activities, and multimedia resources for teachers and students:
You can use Google maps (Google Earth) to follow literary works
Interactive flash files such as a Learning Puzzle that is designed as a jigsaw puzzle.  Students can create pieces and connect each piece, with text, to others
Has many resources to choose from.  For example, you can search items from Reading and Language Arts:
English/Language Arts teaching resources, such as lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biographies, e-texts, criticisms, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities




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In this virtual lab, you will examine the density of various objects as it relates to their mass and volume measures.
Embark on a series of missions to solve environmental problems on a fictional island.
An interactive flash animation comparing animal and plant cell organelles.
An interactive in which you build a typical animal cell and a typical plant cell.
Virtual Rocks and Minerals Lab
In this virtual lab, you will examine physical properties of various minerals. You will identify a mystery mineral by performing scientific tests.
Glencoe Lab "Properties and Minerals" Source Book  
Mineral Detectives  
20 Common Minerals  
Butterfly Basics
Want to learn more about butterflies and moths? This site has brief and to the point information.
Show what you have learned from the Forces in Action activity
Show what you have learned from the Forces in Action activity
Download your science textbook or go to fun activities and lab experiments that reinforce the content/skills learned in class.
An interactive flash animation that allows you to change variables to crete a strong electromagnet
Facts about endangered species from around the world
Carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore game.
find clues, do experiments, and solve problems as we journey into the world of plants.
The best place for Yucky science fun.
Browse interesting and unusual facts
Cool science inquiries, answers and explanations focusing on an assortment of topics
Attention grabbing facts that will make you think
Nine Planets, Space and beyond
Simple Machines Activities: Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed!
Fun activities, cross word puzzles, word searches all about simple machines
Discover Habitats and food chains
Cell, Microorgamisms, Plants, Vertebrates, Invertebrates, & Animal systems.
Science GIZMO
Interactive simulation that demonstrates what would happen "in the meadow" depending on how many predators, prey, and plants you decide to add
Science GIZMO
Interactive site for you to explore simple machines inside common appliances
GREAT interactive site for simple machines that trade distance for force by Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago)
This site is from Idaho Public Television, Has video on the basics
Read about simple machines and the trade-offs to use less force and work
A fun way to challenge your thinking about cause and effect and to consider how all the working parts (many are simple machines) operate together.
Great simulator site with lots of facts about the planets in our solar system.




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Social Studies


Grolier's Encyclopedia presents biographies of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies, information about political parties, vice presidents, the constitution, scandals, Congress, and still more
An almanac of facts about the Presidents and an index of biographies
Biographies of women significant in the history of the United States
A enormous index of women's biographies
Search for biographical information on many people
This website created by the magazine Biography contains thousands of entries
5,483 biographies listed
TIME has profiled 100 individuals who they believe most influenced the last 100 years
Biographies of Black Americans who have appeared on US Postage Stamps
Contains a good collection of Black American biograpies
Contains a snapshot profiles of inventors and their famous inventions
Contains a large biography collection of American Inventors
Contains a collection of important inventors with links for further study.
Contains a large biography collection of notable persons.
Digitized archives of JFK. Students can search primary resources )or view digitized media ( i.e. video clips and audio clips).
The Library of Congress' Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
Illuminating the past through personal narratives and other first-hand sources
A listing of important U.S. events for each year of the century
A comprehensive website devoted to the American Revolution
An interactive site that challenges the student to solve the same problems that Lewis & Clark encountered
From PBS: An interactive site that challenges the student to solve the same problems that Lewis & Clark encountered
A resource of information about the Oregon Trail
A resource of information about covered wagons as the means of travel along the Oregon Trail, and westward expansion in general.
An easy to read site about the pioneers
Short articles about American history
Great website w/ great resources for teachers and students
A database of some 1,200 documents, photographs, drawings, maps, other materials in (primary source documents)from the National Archives in Washington DC
The ever-popular and timeless sing-along animation that teaches the process of lawmaking.
A full-text database of primary source materials from 18th and 19th-century periodicals
Click on 'Teaching with Documents' on left side of page for a list of subjects and associated primary sources
Brief and to-the -point job decriptions of colonial trades
Made by Kids for Kids- but very accurate info about trades




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Find the answers to all your grammar and writing questions
Online dictionary and thesaurus
Create online bibliographies
Create online bibliographies using this OSLIS website for the research process
Create online bibliographies using this website which guides you through the correct bibliography formats
NoodleBib Lite
A wealth of information at your fingertips
Pebble Go NEXT  
Great tool to create maps representing data sets across a wide range of topics (SS/Sci/Math applications!!!)
Formerly GROLIERS ONLINE - encyclopedias & Scholastic News access

World Book Kids and more advanced World Book Student

Rich resource for searching information on animals, environment, inventions, states, nations, presidents, etc. Includes science projects, printable maps, flags, time lines and science diagrams.
An advanced search for primary/secondary sources and other research searches
Click on 'Teaching with Documents' on left side of page for a list of subjects and associated primary sources
Picture Dictionary with Links in different languages
Provides information about the Caldecott Award
Provides a list of Caldecott Award winners
Provides information about the Newbery Award:
Provides a list of Newbery Award winners
Picture Dictionary with Links in different languages
Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Online Dictionary and Thesaurus (very user friendly)




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fine arts search engine which you can search by artist, title or museum
highly imaginative art program using symmetrical patterns
step by step learn to draw site that is fun for all ages
the many facets involved in drawing
create Etch A Sketch drawings online with this fun, interactive classic activity
this traditional, fun and creative game
Safari: An Adventure in Learning for Children and Adults
many fun learning activities to discover art processes



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Meadow School District Sheet music and midi files for recorder
The McVey School Song and Flag Day Songs
Collection of classical music composers for children
Make your own music! Customize a virtual string instrument to play a song you write. From PBS!
All you want to know about Gershwin
to, read, and learn about musical instruments
on cultural aspects, meet the musicians, Asian scrapbook, student activities, Chinese New Year song and activities
excerpts of famous orchestral pieces as well as an excellent lesson on how sound is produced including experiments on sound
a virtual tour of Carnegie Hall, see a bubble photo, learn about the Hall's history and even see program schedules
description of the music and midi files for excerpts of the music
music web links for children and teachers
games and activities related to musical concepts
sheet music for violin, piano, cello, and viola (Adobe Acrobat required)
SFS Kids - Fun with music
Bach illustrated
Learn about music and composers
Sing Alongs to the best loved kids songs
Archive of jazz greats with lots of real audio samples .
Louis Armstrong
Learn about history of jazz and its artists through recordings, readings, photographs and fun activities.
Online creative music environment for children of all ages play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles.
Information about the events in our history that inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national athem- The Star Spangled Banner.
Great site posted by the Smithsonisan National Museum of American History with lots of interactive activities.
Venezuela's unique system of music education
about music, match composer, instruments. etc.
Music Quizzes, Games and Music Help. Students learn to read, write, compose and publish music. Site includes quizzes, resources.




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Keyboarding practice
of articles about how things work such as: gas engines, cell phones, computers, etc
large biography collection of American Inventors
provides an entertaining, interactive way to learn about Internet safety for young kids
can learn HTML through this informative tutorial
can help kids develop Internet skills while protecting them from potential risks
Claude Shannon  
Name Tag Generator  
Name Tag Generator2  




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Nutrition challenges are a fun way to get reliable health and nutrition information.
In the Know facts, subject related games etc.
Learn about key issues of web safety and good citizenship.




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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s all-in-one learning website. Gives you access to digital books, activities, readers, etc.
Site gives you practice finding mean, median, and mode by sorting buildings by height. Great fun!
Data about many polyhedrons.. Determine if they all obey Euler's Rule.
This site offers an introduction to mathematics and its variety of topics
A treasure trove of interactive math games for elementary students.
Math Playground
Fun site with logic games, word problems, etc. (gr 2-5)
Math Olympics
Answer 20 multiple choice questions correctly to win the Math Olympics! Games, adventure, cool stuff
Virtual manipulatives for grades 3-5
3-D interactive geogmetric shapes
A website that enables students to make graphs and print them out.
Educational fun games
Fun games for all math operations
Fun games
Practice your math skills involving numerous concepts
Customize your online math practice in a wide variety of skills grades 1-5
Explore the shapes' attributes, symmetry, tessellations, fractions, etc., i.e., square, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus, and hexagon shapes can be rotated and fit together
Simple tangram puzzles using outlines to guide the creation of designs
A drawing program based on rotational symmetry
Interactive math lessons, games, exercises, printable worksheets, open-ended questions, and more.  Suitable for grades k-8


Estimation Practice
An entertaining game aimed at improving estimation skills
Math Stories
The goal of this web site is to help grade school children improve their math problem-solving and critical thinking skills


See how fast you can put cookies together for Grampy using fractions!!!
Compare fractions by cutting up pizzas in different ways!!!
This site contains a complete step-by-step tutorial on all aspects of fractions
Student locate equivalent fractions
A simple guide to fractions with activities included
Examples of fractions using number lines and pie charts, also drills and explanations
Fractions & Geometry
A complete unit for beginners on these fascinating geometric figures
On-line problem solving math activities with skills including:  geometry, measurement, time, probability and more


Select the coins you need to match the total. For each correct answer, you'll fill the piggy bank a little bit more.
Students must find the total of the coins and bills shown by sliding coins down a chute!
Interactive money game for grades 2-4
Students must find the total of the coins and bills shown
The first unit is concerned with the value of coins
Practice making change at various levels of difficulty
Proportional Reasoning for upper grades
Several types of graph challenges
Create several different types of graphs online
nteractive building of pictograhs and bar graphs based on data


In this interactive geometry investigation students will explore geometric solids and their properties.
Build shapes using 3 dimensional blocks.


Save the planets and learn multiplication facts.
practice multiplication facts



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