Business & Technology Department

The Business & Technology Education Department within the East Meadow School District has an instructional program that provides a rigorous, industry-validated curriculum designed to help students make connections across subject areas, acquire valuable workplace skills, and educate students toward long-term career options. Job shadowing, work-based learning opportunities, and business & technology competitions allow our students to transition the skills they learn in their classrooms to real-world application while preparing them for both college and careers. We currently offer over 40 college credits in Business, 9 credits in Engineering, and we have an articulation agreement with Delhi for both Carpentry & Cabinetry.

Our distinguished Academy of Finance (AOF) program grants all students, regardless of future career decisions, the ability to obtain workplace skills and experiences to be effective in college, careers, and in their own personal lives as consumers and citizens. Students can apply to AOF in their freshman year during the scheduling process. The link to our NAF Academy website is below. The Business & Technology department also offers 5 Career & Technology (CTE) pathways which allows students to gain proficiency in a given pathway. The requirements to earn the CTE seal on their diploma is also located on our NAF website.

In addition, the Business & Technology Education Department Chairperson oversees instructional curriculum and initiatives and staffing for Business, Technology, and Occupational Education, while simultaneously coordinating efforts with the middle school chairperson, Darryl Strabuk, who is responsible for Business, Technology, Family & Consumer Science, and Computers at the middle school level.

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Toni McIntosh

Toni McIntosh

District Chairperson for Business & Technology

Director of Academy of Finance & CTE Pathways

Director of Continuing Education

516-228-5331 (EMHS)

516-876-7471 (WTCHS)