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Literacy and Funded Programs

The Literacy and Funded Programs department encompasses instructional programs and curricula in various disciplines throughout the district. We are committed to collaborating, providing services, and resources to support our schools and teachers as they prepare students for college, career, and life beyond the classroom.

The New York State Department of Education provides standards that must be addressed in the classroom. In addition, all statewide assessments are based on these standards. The standards can be accessed at the NYS Department of Education.

To implement these standards, the East Meadow School District utilizes a variety of resources to provide support to our teachers for effective instruction. These resources include Fundations, CKLA, locally created curriculum units, teachers utilizing the standards, and on-going professional development opportunities.

The East Meadow School District utilizes multiple interim and benchmark assessments to measure student progress. In grades K-5, students are administered the mCLASS assessment three times per year to measure literacy skills. Additionally, in grades 1-8, the district uses iReady to identify skills and content gaps in reading. The information obtained from these assessments is used to target and differentiate instruction for students.

Frank Lukasik

Frank Lukasik

Director of Literacy and Funded Programs
(516) 478-5538