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On Jan. 21, the W.T. Clarke High School Music Department hosted the fourth annual East Meadow Children’s Concert.  

The theme for this year’s concert is the folktale “The Chinese Emperor's New Clothes,” by author Ying Chang Compestine, with a component dedicated to the Lunar New Year, which took place on Jan. 22.  

“The Chinese Emperor's New Clothes” was projected on a large screen above the stage, and the audience were able to read along as the story is narrated. The concert also featured performances intertwined into the storytelling by the W.T. Clarke Select Chorale, Wind Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra. Students in grades K-3 and their families got to participate in this interactive performance.

At the conclusion of the concert, members of the W.T. Clarke and Woodland Middle School Junior Tri-M Music Honor Society held an instrument “petting zoo,” during which students visited brass, woodwind, percussion and string stations to get more familiar with their instrument choices in fourth grade. Additionally, the event featured a Lunar New Year craft station.

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People looking at instruments

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Students listening to music being played

Students listening to music being played

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